"His bark is worse than his bite. But his bite is very bad indeed."

Ever heard the winter wind howling in an old brick chimney? So you know the sound that Fenris makes. That stinging feeling in your ears and nose on a frosty day? The nipping of his teeth.

Fenris is a giant wolfhound, the embodiment of winter – and not just any winter, but the fabled Fimbulwinter that will spell the end of the world. Legend has it that Fenris will grow so large that his head blots out the stars, and he will swallow the sun, bringing an age of storm and ice that will wipe out all life.

Like any wolf, Fenris cannot be tamed and will always bite the hand that feeds him. Fortunately in the Year of Wonders, he is only one of many powerful legendary creatures. Others, such as Odin and the gods of Asgard, are wise to his ways and are said to know how to chain him, at least for a time.