Behind the scenes


“That’s not something you see every day.”

The green comet is first sighted in issue #1 (Estelle and Jack are the first two people to see it) but it’s pretty much the leitmotif of the whole story.

Frost fairs

“The weather’s not just isobars. It’s how you feel.”

Seen in issue #2, when the Thames freezes over after the Kind Gentleman summons Fenris.

The infant Gargantua

“He must be teething.”

First encountered outside Strasbourg (issue #3) when he makes off with the Orient Express engine – and driver. Just wait till he hits the terrible twos.


“Something of a regimental tradition.”

Kicks off issue #1 and the duel is resumed (sort of) in issue #4.


“Mercy me!”

Has his first appearance in issue #2, when he brings a snowstorm to London and gives Gran the shivers.