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What is Mirabilis?

It’s a fantasy comics epic that tells the story of a year of wonders in which reality and the imagination merge. It originally featured in The DFC, a weekly British comic published by David Fickling and Random House.

Where can I read it?

New pages are appearing every week thanks to our Patreon supporters. But you don’t have to back us. Whenever a full new issue is complete, it goes up on this site for everybody to see. You can read all the back issues right here.

How big is it going to be?

Mirabilis will comprise four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season is going to be around ten issues, or 250 pages. So the whole story when complete will be some 1000 pages long. (It would be nice to be able to say 1001 pages, but we’re not J Michael Straczynski so we’re not going to commit to an exact plan just yet!)

And you’re looking for backers?

It’s a lot of work, and fitting a thousand-page comics saga into our spare time would take years. With the help of Patreon supporters we can devote more time to Mirabilis. Our dream is to be able to work on it full-time, and every dollar helps toward that goal, but even more important than funding is your active involvement. Very few creative teams are in it for the money. What really fires us up in the morning is knowing there are readers out there clamouring for the next instalment. That and a cup of Earl Grey tea.


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As the green comet gets closer, everything is getting stranger.

By midsummer it will fill the sky and then you’ll hardly know what’s real and what’s make believe.

Because it’s all real.


Critical acclaim for Mirabilis

Some eminent reviewers have seen the whole first season of Mirabilis and they’ve said some very nice things about us. Take a look if you like (we just can’t resist basking in glory) but watch out for mild spoilers in the Forbidden Planet review.

“Every new page brings another series of beautifully drawn panels, with every one of the characters and strange creatures realised in stunning detail.”
The Book Zone (spoiler-free review)

“First-rate and quirky in the way the British do best.”
Robot 6 (spoiler-free review)

“A bewitching tale full of adventure and strangeness… I was completely captivated.”
Lew Stringer (spoiler-free review)

“Deftly establishes a volatile chemistry between the main characters.”
SFX Magazine

“Packed with adventure… Echoes of Tintin.”
Forbidden Planet International (review WITH SPOILERS)

Meet the team

The people behind Mirabilis



Dave weaves the stories, knows all the characters’ secrets, and puts words into their mouths. He has a soft spot for even the worst of them – after all, if the writer doesn’t then who will?



Leo breathes life into the characters and the changing world of Mirabilis through his drawings for the strip. He loves drawing Gus the most because it’s such fun scribbling in his hair.



Martin creates the cover artwork, and is working on a large-format picture book that will portray the wider events happening in the Mirabilis world. But hush! It’s still a secret, so keep it under your hat.



Nikos sprinkles the green (and other coloured) comet dust that gives the final spark of magic to the year of wonders.



Mike paints the flat colours that provide the base for Nikos to work his magic.

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